Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring represent different concepts but are often confused.

According to the ICF - International Coaching Federation - “coaching is the creation of a partnership with the client, based on a stimulating and creative process that inspires him to maximize his personal and professional potential”.
ICF defines also that “Mentoring is a development process that can involve a transfer of skills or knowledge from the more experienced mentor to the less experienced mentee, through learning, dialogue and role modelling”.

(...) Both (coaching and mentoring) work on human potential both at a personal and professional level, and both work towards goals defined by the coachee / mentee -, (however), the position of one professional and the other  in relation to the process and, in particular, in relation to your client is different. (...) the coach never "rises" in relation to his client, refusing to be in "high position" because he believes in the client's potential in finding the best solutions for his life, whether personal or professional. In mentoring, the mentor, for assuming himself as someone more experienced in a certain area, can transmit content to his client, placing himself, therefore, in a “high position” in relation to the mentee.

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As a certified coach, and taking into account my professional experience, I will be able to work with people both as a coach and as a mentor, in the latter case in my areas of expertise - customer service, contact center, sales and leadership.

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