5 rules for using the client name during a call (google translate from Portuguese)

In this article, we've discussed the importance of using the name properly when talking to the customer on the phone.

Our name must be clearly presented at the beginning of the call. We never ask for a name without giving our own name. This applies whether you are making or receiving a call. We ask the customer for the name right after we provide our own name. It makes no sense to ask for it in the middle or at the end of the call.

The name request must not include gender. "Am I talking to?" or "Can you tell me your name, please?" and never assume a gender at the outset, with a sentence like “Am I talking to Mrs....?” For those who work in this sector and have used the question with a defined gender, they have certainly already received something like: “Am I talking to you?...” “António”.

It is essential that we use the name provided to us by the customer. If the client identifies himself as Manuel Alçada, we will not treat him as Manuel or Alçada or anything else. It is worse to misuse the name than not to use it. If the name given to us is too long or difficult to pronounce, we can simply ask the person how they want to be treated. If the answer is the same name, we make an effort to repeat it immediately and if necessary we do not use it again. The fact that someone has a Nickname that is more difficult to pronounce does not make him less worthy of being addressed by his name. We will use the name again at least at the end of the call when we are going to say goodbye to the customer and demonstrate availability to contact us again.

Another situation where it is important to use the name is when it is necessary to make a synthesis or reformulation – either because the issue itself is too complex or because the client is not very clear on what he is saying. Ideally, we ask for confirmation at the end. For example: “Mr. Manuel Alçada, what he asks us is to change his mailing address to: Vivenda Grandiosa na Foz, with a view of the Douro, Avenida Alto Gabarito, nº 1. Is this it?/Can I change it?”

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